Happy Monday Loves!

I know it is a holiday today and I hope all of you are spending some special time with your friends and family!

I am taking today to remember all of those brave souls who have risked their lives (and paid the ultimate price) to defend our country. It is not a time of celebration, but a time to mourn and remember. Both my husband and my brother served in the United States Marine Corps, and let me tell you – it was not easy going through their deployments and the heart ache I felt every single day. Luckily I was blessed and both of them came home safe – however, I know there are many people who were not as lucky. Please take today and think about those who have and are serving – they deserve so much recognition.

On a happier note – I hope you all had a wonderful weekend! I really enjoyed shooting this look I’m showing you today. My jacket I got from Madewell last year – and let me tell you – I wore it almost every day when I got it and I still wear it all the time – it’s like a uniform for me…. it’s the perfect third layer completer piece that I adore. It is made out ofย a nice weight washed cotton and although my pictures make it seem lighter in color – it’s actually a really nice green (just slightly darker than what the pictures show).

Underneath I am wearing a long sleeve hoodie tee from VINCE. I am such a sucker for big, over sized tops (I think it’s a problem). With that I am wearing jeggings from Zara, and shoes from Forever. This is a super casual, super comfortable outfit that I wear as often as I can. It looks pulled together but is still an every day outfit.

On a quick side note – this Michael Kors purse is so adorable and I LOVE how small it is – it’s the perfect size when all you need is your cards and phone!

I hope you all have a wonderful week ahead! see you Wednesday!



(Jacket: Madewell / Shirt: VINCE. / Jeggings: Zara / Shoes: Forever21 / Watch and purse: Michael Kors)

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