To find out my thoughts on wearing long sleeves in the summer, please keep reading!











Happy Monday Loves!

I hope you all had a wonderful and relaxing weekend šŸ™‚Ā  and if you live in California I hope you were able to beat the heat!!

Today I wanted to post about summer sweaters. I don’t know about you – but I like wearing long sleeve tops all year round! not only in the winter time. Unfortunately with the heat here in California, it’s a little hard to find a balance. How can you wear a long sleeve top when it’s 100 degrees out? Well, to be honest when it’s that hot I’m usually just living in my swim suit, but for the other days where it’s bearable, I try to find items like the open knit sweater I wore for this post!

It is a light weight, low gauge knit sweater from VINCE. I have to call it sweater, but, to be honest it doesn’t feel that way at all. It is incredibly light weight and because of the low gauge and open knit – it is very airy and breathable – perfect for hot days with a little breeze. Pair it with a crop top and shorts and you are good to go! I also stole these Tom FordĀ sunnies from my husband, how awesome are these?!? I love wearing men’s sunglasses sometimes because they are a little bigger which fits my face shape better – I honestly want to get a pair of these for myself, haha.

I hopeĀ  you all have a great week! Until next time…



(Sweater: VINCE. / Crop top: TOPSHOP / Shorts: Forever21 / Shoes: Forever21 / Sunnies: Tom Ford)

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