Keep reading to find out how I keep my skin hydrated and soft!!


Alexandra **************************************************************************

Hello Loves! Today I wanted to do a post about my skincare routine. I get a lot of compliments on my skin (even though I personally don’t think it’s anything worth talking about, haha) so I decided to share what I use on a daily basis to keep my skin feeling smooth and hydrated.

1. MARIO BADESCU – Glycolic Foaming Cleanser IMG_3760 This stuff you guys… is AMAZING. Every other face wash I’ve ever used has either completely dried out my skin; or it will still leave make up residue – especially around my eyes. I was searching for a new face wash and came across this Mario Badescu brand… saw good reviews so I decided to order it. I was SO amazed at how clean my skin feels after using it. You know how sometimes you wash your face, and your skin feels tight once it’s dried? This face wash doesn’t do that at all. It completely cleans my eyes of make up and leaves my skin feeling so clean. I highly recommend trying it!

2. KEIHL’S – Ultra Facial Cream IMG_3759 This face lotion is the best thing on earth. I have really dry skin and I feel like I’ve tried every face lotion under the sun and nothing ever works! The great thing about this lotion is that it’s really concentrated. It’s a little expensive so the fact that it will last a long time makes a huge difference. I use this lotion in the morning to prep my skin for make up and I also use it at night after I’ve showered and washed my face. It really leaves my skin hydrated and feeling smooth.


3. KORRES – Wild Rose Brightening & Line Smoothing Serum IMG_3757 This is a product that I don’t think everyone necessarily needs, but I use it just as an extra “oomph” for under my eyes. Technically you can use this all over your face, but I use the Kiehl’s lotion all over my face, and then I use this Korres serum under my eyes and around my mouth (on sensitive areas). I really do believe it helps – and it smells AMAZING – so if anything just use it for the wonderful aroma! haha 🙂 I mostly ordered this product because one day while I was shopping for make up at a department store; one of the makeup artists was showing me some eye shadows and asked if I used under eye cream. I said “no” and he said he recommended I start using it to keep the small wrinkles away and to keep my under eye skin hydrated. I guess it made sense – I’m getting older anyway so I might as well fight the wrinkles early! 🙂 Anyways, those are my three top products I use to keep my face hydrated and to keep my skin feeling smooth 🙂 would love to hear what you guys use as well! Hope you have a wonderful weekend!



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